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Meet a Londoner: Designer Varun Sharma of the label RUN

May 20, 2015

After taking a few months off for personal reasons – I’m relaunching the blog with a bang! The London Perspective is all about shining the light on emerging talent and to kick it off today on the blog I will be interviewing fashion designer Varun Sharma of the Label Run. Run’s eyecatching and provocative designs are quickly becoming known in the fashion community and it is definitely a label to watch.


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a London based clothing designer and design for my own women’s RTW label, RUN. I graduated from Middlesex University where I studied fashion design.


Talk us through your latest collection?

For the AW/15 season I was inspired by the attire of the Bonda people, a tribe from the state of Odisha in India and African prints. This season has really been a fusion of ideas and an opportunity to create a new narrative for the label. The lead up to this season has been an exciting journey as I have been working on my own print line for this collection. I created my own interpretation of African inspired prints on beautiful silks and wools, including beautiful scarves on very fine wool silk. There are also some gorgeous faux fur pieces in the line up this time as well, which I am really excited about sharing.


Fashion is a tough industry – what keeps you going?

My love for it. It really is hard work but it is always easier to get up in the mornings to do what you love. Your work eventually becomes you and defines who you are. As a working designer your hands are always involved in multiple jobs simultaneously and you always have work evolving somewhere, so you always have something to look forward to.

Who are the designers that you admire and why?

Alexander Mcqueen is inspiring and it’s not so much the clothes, but his journey. He is defining for what most designers in this industry struggle to achieve. You can’t replicate someone else’s journey but you can hope through your own successes you may be able to leave behind a legacy of your own just as he did.


Which celebrity would you love to dress?

I love Rihanna’s ability to make everything look as if it was made for her, I would love to see her wearing my clothes.

6. What has been the biggest thing you’re proud of in your fashion career so far.

My collections are what make me feel proudest. Each collection is a marker of a certain time in my life and career and they hold memories of very real struggles I faced to get them completed, they are also reminders to me of my own capabilities and potential. As each season passes you look back and reflect on what you have learnt and new ground you covered and realise that as you finish each collection you also inch your way towards your goal.

7. Where do you hope to take Run to in the next 5 years?

In the coming 5 years I hope to see RUN exhibiting during LFW and stocking internationally, as well as an accessories line including bags and shoes. I have always wanted to design menswear so possibly within that time frame it would be great to play with that also!


Photograper: Brian Doherty
Stylist: Jeanie Annan Lewin
Model: Angela L