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Beating Cancer Sooner – one race at a time – Race for life 10k -Thank YOU!

September 21, 2015

11226198_10153056310132621_7700559241399399045_oThis post is overdue and I want to start by thanking everyone who supported me to not only train but also all who donated money for the Race for life 10K that I completed back in July. As I said in my previous post, I took part to raise money in memory of my beloved stepmother who passed away from breast cancer in early February.

Cancer is a disease that now affects 1 in 3 of us, I used to think that it was a disease that would happen to everyone else, but then my dad was diagnosed back when I was in my second year of university. I’m not telling you this to draw tears, I’m very matter of fact about these things now. It really can happen to anyone, at any stage in their lives. Go to any chemotherapy ward and you will see people from all walks of life, it’s a disease that doesn’t discriminate.

Tragedy breeds Adversity.

I do still believe that one day, cancer will become a disease of the past but until then I’m going to do my bit to help support the people who are trying to help beat cancer sooner and so can you.

Training for the 10k was pretty tough at first, those 6am early morning runs really hurt at times, but after a few weeks of running, it got easier and for those of you who hate running there were plenty of people who walked on the day of the event.


On the day of the 10k I was running late as usual. I made it to the starting line just as it was starting and it was really encouraging to see hundreds of women out in their pink running gear ready to do battle to raise money for Cancer Research UK. The heat was a bit intense but the cheers from the crowd and the free bottles of water helped to keep us going. I’m not the fastest runner but on my last lap I made a sprint for it (Christine Ohuruogu  ain’t got nothing on me) hah!

I want to thank all my friends, family and colleagues who supported me.

I’ve raised the tidy sum of 490 pounds – only ten pounds off my original target which is awesome!

I hope this post inspires others to take part in a Race for Life event, maybe I’ll see you there next year.


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Race for life 10K – day 1 of Training

March 23, 2015


Race for life 10k I had my first day of running on Saturday afternoon. My partner and I decided to start my Race for life 10k training off with a run around the park. I was feeling very smug all dressed in my running gear until we actually started to run. Cue flashback to many hated PE lessons spent running in the playground and the realisation that my body was no longer the fit teenager it once was. A few yards into the run and my lungs were on fire, my ankles felt horribly stiff, it was as if I had never run in my life! What happened to the Adanma who would sprint for the bus when running late for school? Oh my god I thought – I am now old.

training for race for life

I honestly felt like packing it all in. However, my boyfriend refused to let me give up. He went straight into military drill mode and kept me from giving up. It was tough but by the end of it I felt like I got a sort of rhythm. We covered 2.4km in 45 mins. A little more than a fifth of what I have to run on that day.  Two days later and my whole body still aches, I’ve got a long way to go!

Before I forget, I have to mention that as part of my duties as a Race for Life blogger I received a very cool pink box in the post filled with all sorts of race training goodies.

Race for life stickers

training for race for life

Itunes gift card to purchase some heart racing tunes

race for life blogger

My own Race for life t-shirt

training for race for life

Food doctor book, and race preparation foods.

training for race for life

If you’re passionate about beating cancer then join me and sign up for a Race For Life  event. You don’t have to do 10k, there are 5K races and other events happening all over the country. The first 20 of you to use the code RFLLonP will get a discount on your entry.

My target is a modest 500 pounds – if you want to sponsor me then visit my Justgiving page.

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Join me in the Race for Life 10K – Hyde Park, Sunday 19 July 2015

March 20, 2015


“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

My beloved Stepmother passed away from cancer on the 5th Febuary 2015. She was a mother, a friend, an auntie, a good christian and one of the most inspiring and dignified women that you will ever meet. It’s been especially hard because she left life at the age of 50, an age that really she should have started to enjoy some of life’s pleasures that she put on hold to raise her kids. She is sadly not the first family member that I have lost to cancer, it also took my dad’s life – 10 years ago next month. Cancer is the one disease that seems not to respect age, creed, or lifestyle. My stepmother was somebody who exercised, didn’t drink or smoke yet it wasn’t enough to prevent her developing breast cancer. A sentence that I have heard often throughout this difficult period, is “it’s not fair”. For two years I watched her battle the disease with courage and strength and even during her last days she never gave up fighting for her right to live. Now she’s gone and we are only left with memories that I will forever treasure until we meet again.

Cancer may have claimed the lives of those I love but it hasn’t taken away my hope. Seeing first hand what treatments are available made me despair. More needs to be done so that other people don’t suffer the same fate.

The grief is still fresh for me and my family but I’m finding a way to channel it in a positive way, to hopefully help others. In her memory I have signed up to run in Cancer Research UK’s blogger team and run in the Race For life 10k in Hyde Park this July. Just thinking about it right now is scary! I haven’t run in years but I’m determined to do it not only in her memory, but also to hopefully raise a bit of money to go to helping Cancer Research UK fund more treatments which might help someone I know beat the disease or catch it before it develops.

1 in 2 people in the UK will get cancer (Cancer Research UK, 2015)

If you’re passionate about beating cancer then join me and sign up for a Race For Life  event. You don’t have to do 10k, there are 5K races and other events happening all over the country. The first 20 of you to use the code RFLLonP will get a discount on your entry.

As I prepare for the race of my life! I’ll be updating you on my progress on this blog. My target is a modest 500 pounds – if you want to sponsor me then visit my Justgiving page.

Let’s beat cancer sooner.


RIP Blessing Chika Wokoh 
17th April 1964 to 5 Feb 2015