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Meet a Londoner – Adanma Wokoh – Editor of The London Perspective

April 7, 2017

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If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve been googling to find out who the daft bird was that got conned by her international fraudster ex-fiance. Seeing my name in the press has been pretty surreal but seeing as people like to be nosy. I’ve decided to use my blog to tell my side of the story and interview myself.

I googled you because I read about the £20 ring – did you seriously not know?

Yes, unfortunately that bit although comical is actually true. I don’t have a picture but it was a fantastic fake. I’m embarrassed to say I wore that thing to work for weeks and it was the source of much envy in the office. It didn’t help that his proposal was pretty spectacular. On Valentine’s Day (now ruined)  I was whisked away to Danesfield House a place fit for a princess before he got down on one knee under cupid’s fountain and presented it to me. Why would anyone think their fiance was a fraudster.

I read that you say you’ve chosen to forgive him, er WHY?!

Yes I know many people reading that will think i’m a barmy bible basher, but it’s more for me than him. I once read that unforgiveness is like siping poison everyday and waiting for your enemy to die. I want to have the capacity to truly open myself to love again and to do that and not become bitter i’ve decided to let it go.

Of course I’m not going to forget! But for me justice has been served and that chapter is now closed.

If I went through something like that I would go mad…

We’ll actually when it all came tumbling down, I did feel like I was losing my mind however, I have to credit my family for keeping me from doing anything stupid. I think the worst thing about being deceived by somebody who you love is the realisation that all your hopes and dreams with this person are no longer possible and you mourn for what you never really had.

How are you feeling now?

We’ll going through something like this has taught me a lot! I lost a lot of money but I discovered this burst of creativity. After I kicked Lars/Lasse out I was left heartbroken both physically and emotionally, I would lay in bed and cry most days until one day I picked up my sketch pad and it was almost like what I could not say in words manifested itself in this explosion of creativity. It became very healing and freeing for me.

It’s nearly two years since this happened and I’m not going to say I’m happy everyday, but i’m definitely in a better place. I’m even starting to think dating again is possible.

But £13,000 is a lot of money – how are you managing?

Well I still have a job thank goodness. I’m doing ok, it will take a long time for me to get back to where I was before this incident but I’ve become very business minded of late and I’m using this incident as a catalyst to start a new business and make some money hopefully.

So what’s next?

It’s onwards an upwards for me I hope. Lot’s of exciting things in the pipeline;

  • I’m in the process of writing a book on my experience which I hope will help others
  • An art show of pieces inspired by my recovery – you can follow  @awokohpaperco
  • My new business of children’s wear @awokoh_kids has just launched
  • and of course I’ll still be blogging here about great things to do in London so stay tuned!


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