Meet a londoner

Meet a Londoner: MS Karamat

May 22, 2017

Today’s interview is with MS Karamat an established arts curator/photographer/arts journalist from  London.

Hi MS can you tell our readers a bit about yourself? 

MS Karamat: I’ve been involved within the visual arts all of my life, I think I must have been born with an innate understanding of the arts as my earliest memories are to do with my late mother showing me her ceramic art, the only remaining piece of her work which she showed me was a beautiful green hued bowl with a specific Greek inspired pattern circling it, or regular gallery or theatre trips whilst in primary school, over the years I’ve worked in Film & Music and as an arts & culture journalist.

Now I’m dedicated to developing a two part international book project, a collection of fifty interviews and photographs that I shoot, which brings together the established and emerging artists & documenters of our time from music, film, photography, contemporary art and academia to tell me what it means for them to be fearless.

Every person is incredibly inspiring to me. They includes musicians such as The Pixies, Ed Harcourt, Jack Savoretti, Film Composer Clint Mansell (Black Swan/Requiem For A Dream). Carly Paradis (BBC Line of Duty/Land of Milk and Honey). Humanitarians such as Brita Fernandez Schmidt of Women For Women International UK and many more.

It’s an incredible project that has taken me across the world alongside speaking with numerous artists and visionary thinkers, right here in London, the project couldn’t be more necessary considering our ridiculous fear inducing sociopolitical climate. This project is my nuanced response to it all. It’s as I’ve always believed, that it is through the arts that we can find harmony and understanding- you’re not likely to see people wanting to fight and start a war at a music festival, or when in the presence of artistry in all its forms . Live updates about the project are via twitter @LabelFilm and Instagram: fearandmemory.

Why London? 

MS Karamat: Well I’m a born and raised Londoner, l grew up in Central London, home for me is the South West. Even though I’ve spent a considerable amount of time across North, East and West London socially, for me coming out of either Victoria Station or Waterloo station and walking along the Southbank where the landscape really opens up creating a sense of breathable space unlike any other side of London, really is wondrous.

If you were Mayor for the day what would you do?

MS Karamat: Freeze London transport fares and most importantly make a significant improvement for disability ( including parent & baby) access across London transport .

What are your favourite places to discover new art?

MS Karamat: My favourite places are pop up galleries, street art, word of mouth and social media. Right now I’m always on the look out for artists that have a fearless attitude about their work.

What restaurants can you recommend to our readers and why?

MS Karamat: Brunswick House Café Restaurant in Vauxhall. The food that is well-prepared with love, quality and understanding. It can be trusted to always deliver straight forward incredible service and food made with love in a venue that feels harmonious.

Is there anything that annoys you about living in London and why?

MS Karamat: Pollution. Something NEEDS TO BE done .

Which areas can you usually be found hanging out on a Friday/Saturday evening and where?

Privacy is a virtue my friend 🙂 during university I spent a great deal of time in North & East London especially Camden. In general I recommend along the Southbank, Vauxhall again, Brunswick House and Lavender Hill SW8.

Can you share any hidden gems in London that nobody else knows about?

MS Karamat: OH gosh! Several, I know how to keep a secret though, so I must decline. All Londoner’s will have their own unique experience of the city and therefore have their own hidden gems according to their own preferences. That is what makes this city so unique, it enables everyone to find or create a gem of their own.

Thanks for sharing your London perspective, I look forward to the launch of your book project.

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